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    HDLP and CAD files

      Hi everybody,


      I'm currently testing DLP & EEFF solutions to secure our R&D files, which include CAD files (Dassault Catia).

      I created a DLP policy with a few protection rules, such as e-mail and encryption. These policies target a tag which is manually applied for the moment.


      My problem is, when I apply the tag on my CAD files, and then I modify and save these files, my tags are lost, and policies don't apply any longer.


      I read KB53436 (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB53436) which explains that the minimum length of files is 350 characters. What about CAD files, whose content is not textual ?

      Is my problem due to a bad setting ?


      Software : Windows XP 32 & Windows 7 64 - CATIA v5 - HDLP - EEFF - McAfee Agent


      Thanks in advance.


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