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    Client disk encryption keeps restarting

      Hi all,


      I am currently evaluating EPO/EE for my organisation and I have stumbled across a rather baffling issue.


      Note - this seems to be affecting roughly 20% of the rollouts I've attempted to far.


      Basically, EE agent and PC install is rolled out by EPO.  Encryption starts and runs OK, but when a policy enforcement next occurs (either by the period mandated in the client policy or a manual enforcement), the encryption process starts again.  The progress bar goes from being half full (depending on disk size obviously) to empty, and the process starts again and loops.


      I have a workaround which was to create a system group that only does a policy enforcement every 480 minutes rather that the organisation's standard of 30 minutes, but I am hoping to identify the root cause.


      I have searched the forums/internet and found nobody that has suffered this same issue.  Does anybody have any pointers to help me troubleshoot?



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          Hi there,


          I'm not sure if a KB article exists for this, but this is a little quirk in the product (for now).


          When a policy enforcement kicks in, the work to be done on the disk is re-calculated, and the progress bar is set back to zero. However, no work is actually lost. Your machines are still encrypting, but the encryption is momentarily interrupted every time a policy is enforced.


          Hope this helps,



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            Thankyou Tim.  That certainly makes sense.  I thought it was a problem as described in the opening post as disk encryption can be a very long process, so I didn't have any confidence that the encryption was actually ever going to complete.


            Thinking about it now though, I very much doubt encryption can be undone in an instant, so it makes sense that it'd just carry on.


            I gather it's likely this little quirk will be ironed out in a future patch/release?

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              It's certainly being looked at, if it hasn't already been fixed for 6.2. I can't give you any promises/specifics though!