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    EpePc has been corrupted (error 92)

      Similar to the problem that Socrates noted , I too have a sever booting problem, and I too am working with a HP laptop (HP EliteBook workstation).  Following what I understood to be a maintenance check, as part of my HP system, the computer went through its process only to leave me with a now no longer working machine.  It will not boot.  The computer is also only 4 weeks old.  When booting I receive this message: cAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC v6.1  EpePc has been corrupted (error 92h).


      All googling of this problem seems to point in one direction, that the corruption is non-reversible.


      Is that true?  Do I now own a one month old $3,000.00 piece of junk?  Who do I thank, McAfee or HP?