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    Foundstone Licensing

      Hi All,


      This is Pankaj Choudhary from INDIA. I am using Foundstone 6.5. I have also installed foundstone engine on distributed server to scan machines at that location to distribute load. I have some question related to licensing.


      1. Foundstone licensing hash value should be applied on central server or distributed server?


      2. If i request to generate license for 5 different subnet from central server and applied the hash value. In future I iinstalled few more distribute server and installed scan engine on it. again i will do the same thing for licensing and request for license for these subnet also. in this situation will my previous subnet will remain or will be overwritten by this new subnet?


      3. If I re-generate license for the same subnet due to some problem, how the licensing is going to be counted? the no. of license will be same or it will be added to the total issued licensed?