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    Popup irritation

      The "you need to update your software" popup is causing me to strongly consider dumping this product.  I see where it is impossible to get rid of it, other than uninstalling the software, when McAfee is expired; however, I have a current subscription!  It continues to pop up, and soon I will terminate this software unless I can remedy the problem.  Do you have a solution?

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          What is your version of the product?  Open it and click About.   Is Update turned on?   What operating system and service pack is this?

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            McAfee VirusScan version 15.0, build 15.0.291, last update 12/10/2011, DAT version 6555, Boot DAT version 6551.0000, creation date 12/5/2011, engine version 5400.1158


            Automatic update turned ON.


            Windows XP Pro, version 5.1.2600, service pack 3, build 2600


            I'm beginning to suspect a second version of McAfee, now expired, might be the culprit.  The popup banner has McAfee AntiVirus Plus, while my tray icon and splash page say McAfee Antivirus Plus.  Could this popup be related to a second (expired) version of McAfee lurking on my disk?

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              Sorry, I made a mistake above: my current software is AntiVirus Plus, while the banner on the popup says Purchase McAfee VirusScan Professional.  I think the VirusScan Professional may be expired.

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                Oh my goodness, VirusScan Professional hasn't existed for years.  Any idea when approximately it was installed originally?


                This will involve uninstalling everything-McAfee via the Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs after enabling Windows Firewall for protection.


                Then run the MCPR cleanup tool (linked under Useful Links at top of this page - if necessary save it to your desktop and reboot to Safe Mode to run it, but only if it fails in regular mode, then discard it as it changes frequently)


                Reboot and reinstall the correct software from your online account.


                I'm sorry but we no longer even have reference to VSP in the database and I honestly am not too sure the removal tool will work on it.


                If there's a problem please let me know and I will ask for support internally.


                FYI whenever upgrading to a different product always uninstall the old one first.


                Anyway I wish you luck ;-)


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                  A thought, by VirusScan Professional you don't mean VirusScan Enterprise by any chance?  If so there's a completely different removal method.

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                    ..and another thought.  I did manage to find this old FAQ regarding VirusScan 9 and 10 which is possibly what the "Professional' version is:  http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS100060


                    In particular see the Manual Removal instructions.


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                      Have the same annoying issue, My AntiVirus plus has done this 3 times in the last 2 months, very iriitating.


                      Just to be clear>


                      My computer is not even 3 months old, came with 1 month free and bought a full year alsoat the same time. When the trial expired, I uninstalled it and installed the full Antivirus plus. 2 Days later it tells me it expired. uninstall, reinstall....

                      In November, same issue..

                      Now it's December and here we go again, it says it expired 62 days ago, GGrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

                      My clock is set to atomatic sync.

                      Win 7 OS


                      Version 15.0

                      Build: 15.0.294.

                      Last update 12-16-2011

                      Dat Version 6552

                      Dat Creation 12-06-2011



                      Same program is running smooth on my hubby's 3 year old laptop.

                      I am not willing to uninstall-reinstall the program every month, this is ....!

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                        We can't fix subscription errors here unfortunately you'll have to call Customer Service to verify the subscription is OK, link under Useful Links at the top of this page, but they will probably refer you to Technical Support , also linked there.


                        This kind of thing often happens after tune-up or registry cleanup utilities have been used, is that the case here?  If so do they have a reverse button?


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