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    Evaluation Install Issues

      Hello all,


      I have to test new Beta feature of "Dynamic asset tagging" in McAfee VM 7.0.2 version. I have downoaded an evaluation version fromhttps://secure.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/free-evaluations   (MVM70_Evaluation-RELEASE-111.exe) and did its instalation on my QA server and after reboot when I try to login to Enterprise Manager, it says "Your license file is invalid or has expired".


      Does this evaluation needs a seperate license file too ? If yes can some one help me guide as to how to obtain that?


      If no, then what could be going wrong here.




      Amar Deep Singh

      McKinsey & Company

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          Hi Amardeep,


          Did you install on a system that already had MVM?


          The product has a 60-day Evaluation License.  If you've surpassed that 60-days that message will appear.  It may also occur if you've changed the system clock or MAC address on the system.


          If you continue to have licensing issues, you should contact McAfee Support.