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    Total Protection won't install - even Chat people can't help!

      Dear All,


      I have come to you as a last resort before I take a sledge hammer to my new-ish computer and buy a Mac.


      My computer has Windows 7 HP on it. Prior to yesterday, Total Protection 2011 was installed. That having expired, I bought the next version and now I have no protection whatsoever! It downloaded, it went through the pretence of opening but then completely disappeared. I managed to install it without a problem on my Windows Vista laptop, so my guess is that it's a problem with my computer.


      Can anyone help with identifying the problem please?


      Before you ask, I have already trawled this site and others, so I have downloaded all of the various removal and pre-installation programs. WIndows has been completely updated. IE 9 is installed.  I have even spent a good hour or so using the Chat support function, but even 'Tier 2 Support' could not identify the problem. Their final suggestion was: ask Microsoft!


      The clock is ticking. I need my computer for work, but I'm not going to use it without proper protection - I've been well-indoctrinated with the technological birds and bees story! If this can't be resolved, good bye Windows and good bye McAfee, hello Apple and hello a whole load of other problems! (Sounds like a Beatles song...)


      Yours desperately,