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    Combine AD synchronization with manual groups



      I've set up an ePO 4.6 environment and I'm using AD synchronization to fill my ePO database with objects.

      I carefully selected which OU's I want to sync from my domain, and which ones are to be excluded.

      This is working perfect for me so far but...


      I also made 1 manual group within the ePO system tree called "Repository Servers" and I have manually added my repository servers there.

      The AD sync task is configured to sync all my workstations for now and not any servers. So my repository servers aren't being sync'd which is what I want.


      Problem now is that when I run the AD Sync task the "Repository Servers" group which I manually created in ePO dissapears and the objects which were in there are moved to Lost & Found.

      Is there any way to combine AD Synchronization with manually created groups in ePO. Or can I lock a manually created group so it won't be deleted?

      I want the majority of my managed object to be sync'd by AD Synchronization, but also want 1 or 2 groups which I can manage manually.


      Thanks in advance for any ideas and suppport.




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