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    Mcafee context menu

      Hi all,


      Basically I have a really irritating problem with mcafee on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Basically if I eject a USB drive or optical media under my explorer via right clicking the drive and then eject I get the following pop up. 'explorer.exe - no disk. Please insert a disk into drive xxx' xxx pertaining to the media drive letter. If I eject under the system tray I don't get this, it's only under my computer/explorer. Also it only happens once. After that subsequent ejections are fine. Until the next boot anyway.


      Much battling and googling for several weeks and I have now finally found the cause. It's the mcafee context menu! Disabling the mcafee context menu framework using shellexview eradicates the error. So I wondered if anyone has noticed the same and whether it can be fixed? I'd like to have the context menu without this frustrating side effect.




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          First I've heard of it being McAfee's fault but I have experienced that myself and I found that if I chose the Safely Remove option instead of Eject then it doesn't happen.


          What McAfee product are you using that you can even alter the context menu?  I wouldn't advise meddling with McAfee software beyond the user interface if you don't want to invite further complications.




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            Shellexview. It's allows context menu items to be enabled/disabled. It's definetely mcafee. I can try the safely remove option but that wouldn't work with the optical drive. I'd still have to select eject.

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              I meant what version/suite of McAfee is this and are you using Windows 7 SP1?


              I need that info so I can bring it up on our Monday conference call agenda.


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                It was pre installed by dell/alienware. I run windows 7 ultimate 64 bit with service pack 1 installed (fully updated on windows updates) Shows up as security center version 11 build 11.0.623


                Virus scan ver 15

                Anti spam and firewall ver 12

                Also has shredder and parental controls.


                Many thanks


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                  OK thanks very much.  I've made that an item on the agenda for our weekly conference call with McAfee staff.  This is all news to me and as I too have seen it happen I'd be interested to see what they say..  I'll report back when I know.


                  In the meanwhile you could, if you wish, open a case with Technical Support, it's now a free phone call as well as free online chat, but that's up to you if you think it's a nuisance.

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                    Cheers for your help. I will contact technical support as you advise too. Hopefully this small anomaly can be fixed. I can also suppress the error by changing the errormode in regedit from 0 to 2 but not an ideal solution as that can hide other more sinister messages in the future. Disabling the context menu via shellexview works well but ideally I'd like to have the context menu options. The context menu file i noticed was updated around 12th October which more or less co incided with errors started. I am glad I finally found the cause as it was driving me crazy. It can be like looking for a needle in

                    A haystack trying to find causes sometimes!




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                      I know what you mean and thanks for connecting something that I had hitherto dismissed as a Windows 'annoyance' to actual software.  I find it quite bizarre that McAfee should take exception to something being removed as against added to the system.

                      It's my prime question on that call agenda!!



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                        Ticket raised via email. I guess you don't need it but if it helps for your call I would be glad to pass on the service request reference number. I included a link to this thread on my email to try and backup my query.


                        Appreciate your help.




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                          I could add that number to my info as they can refer to it.

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