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    Spam alert - remmardian55

      I cannot find the means of reporting spam so have posted this in hopes it will be dealt with


      This person has sent me spam: https://community.mcafee.com/people/remmardian55


      See copy of email below. Please take action to remove this user from the site immediately.




      Sent:Dec 8, 2011

      Subject:Private Message: Hello Dear,

      Hello Dear, (email address removed)

      my name is Remmar,i saw your profile today at,(www.shaadi-direct.com)

      and became interested to contact you, please if you are interesting to know me,

      kindly contact me with this email adress (email address removed)

      so that i will tell you more about me,also show you more of my photo,

      and some other communication Remmar girl, please contact me direct to my inbox.


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          April Jacobs, the site administrator, has banned the person responsible. This thread will now be locked.

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            I don't know why these spambots bother... considering they are in Dakar, Senegal according to their IP number.  Assuming it's a bot of course.


            Even if it was a regular person - I still find it hard to understand why spammers do what they do some of the time.


            Sorry you were inconvenienced.   It's difficult to spot these people until they do something bad.


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