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    BT / McAfee update mashes network  :(

      Have used the McAfee product since it was bundled with BT Broadband.


      I saw that McAfee had upgraded the BT/McAfee core program on three family laptops on Sunday.


      Network then ran like a snail through treacle, and web pages are just getting dropped all the time.  I know it's the McAfee upgrade as I turned the McAfee programs/services off and it worked like normal again.


      Got so fed up, have deinstalled McToffee, and am trying out the trial version of Kaspersky.  No problems there... and, interestingly, Kaspersky found 168 viruses, trojans, and dodgy email attachments that McAfee has (obviously) been reporting as 'Fine' in the last three years.


      I think I'll deinstall McAfee off the others and buy a three-pack of Kaspersky... at least it doesn't mash the firewall and seems a lot lighter on the memory... faster too - it managed to scan my entire laptop (plus my Western Digital My Passport 1Tb drive) in about a third of the time that McAfee used to take.


      What on Earth is the matter with the McAfee upgrade that causes so much hassle and diagnosis time... don't you people test it properly?  It also means having to deinstall the product completely - more time wasted - and install an alternative.... multiplied by every machine in the house.


      Not a happy camper.