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    Default action when a detection is made?



      I am trying to configure McAfee Security Center V11. I have managed to adjust most of the settings but I am unable to find the options that control how the program deals with detections of malicious software. Where are the options for this, please? I want to control how the program reacts when a detection is made, both by the real-time scanner and any scheduled scans that run.


      For example, if a scheduled scan is running and a detection is made, will the scan continue or will it pause and wait for a response. When a detection is made is there an automatic action that is taken? I want to avoid this as I wish to be able to configure the software so that it always asks the user what action should be taken - ignore and notify, block access to the file, automatically move the file to a quarantined area etc etc.


      The software is installed on a Win 7 Home Prem 64bit machine.


      Any advice gratefully received.