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    Raila Odinga on W7

      Hi everyone,


      Some of my clients have experienced a virus called "Raila Odinga". I tried runing Mcafee but it doesn´t pick up or delete the virus.

      We use EPO 4.6

      Buffer Overflow DAT for VirusScan Enterprise:516516
      DAT (Previous) :6551.00006552.0000
      Linux Engine:5400.1158.47785400.1158.4778
      MER for ePO (Service Pack):
      Mac Engine:5400.1158.47785400.1158.4778
      VirusScan Enterprise (Language Pack):


      Also, I delete it using comand prompt, but I´ve to clean/remove all files infected by myself.


      If we use McAfee,it supose to find those viruses and clean it by itself.

      So, please help me as soon as possible.