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        Found someone on the forums at HP with this problem and posted a reply to put this where it belongs and the status as I currently know it to be.


        http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Lockups-Freezes-Hangs/probook-4520s-says-q uot-safeboot-has-been-corrupted-error92h/m-p/1160067#M19981

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          happy new year everyone. After same weeks, i get today a new answer from from HP from our IT-company. We have tested this solution by my 8760w and yes, we get access to my Data.


          the following is the part of the HP-Eamil to solve the problem:


          You must have access to the backup encryption key (.dat file typically saved to a USB) and have the DiskTech2011.iso burned to a CD. You can download the file from the following ftp link:


          · Before attempting to boot from the DiskTech 2011 CD, you will need to go into the notebook BIOS and temporarily switch the drive controller to IDE mode (F10>System Configuration>Device Configurations>SATA Device Mode). You will be asked to confirm this change to the Drive Controller, click the Confirm button to do so. A blue screen error (BSOD) will occur during boot if the drive controlled is set to any value other than IDE.


          1. Boot from the CD. Make sure the USB key containing your recovery key and any other external USB storage devices are attached to a USB 2.0 port (not USB SS port) before powering on.

          2. After booting, select whether or not to start network support (probably no for most users).

          3. Click "Go" at bottom left.

          4. Select Programs>McAfee EETech.

          5. Click "HP".

          6. Navigate to the recovery key on your USB key. Select "Open". (If the encrypted drive is not mountable, it is here where you will usually receive an error) 7. The drive should now be mounted. You can leave the Authentication window open.

          8. Click "Go".

          9. Select Programs>A43 File Management Utility.

          10. You should now be able to access the files on your drive and move them to an external device.


          · When finished, don't forget to go back into the BIOS and change the controller back to AHCI mode.


          The files on the hard drive are still encrypted when this retrieval process is completed, and you will not be able to boot from this hard drive unless it is rebuilt. You may choose to store the hard drive in a secure location for future access tit. The files on the hard drive will not be accessible except through the DiskTech 2011 tool.


          You may choose to rebuild the operating system on the computer using OEM disks, or entering the HP Recovery Manager by pressing the F11 key during the boot process (if the recovery partition remains on the machine).


          · If the hard drive is formatted (by HP Recovery Manager or using the Quick Format feature on the OEM setup disks), all files on the hard drive will be wiped, and will no longer be accessible through any method.


          so i hope, this will help all other with the same problem.


          special thanks to Simon for his great support.





          last monday i had a discussion with the leader of our IT-Company (they have a reseller and support contract with hp). we believe with future generations of HP notebook families, that the Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools will also change without information to the costumers.


          So in my own opinion, i wouldn't use HP tools any longer and would use the tools from McAfee in hope for better support.

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            Hi Sucoon,


            Could you kindly release the user name and password of the ftp link for downloading DiskTech2011?

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              there wasn't a password or username to logon, when i have donloaded the file. Perhaps it's removed.


              hmm, ok. there is a download to help you




              but don't know if there are copyright iusses.

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                Says i can't download the file from deposit, can you make letitbit or something?

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                  downloaded the disktec2011 from HP and followed the instructions. Recovered my files to a portable drive and re-installed the laptop. Put all my files back and re-installed applications etc and we're back to normal.


                  A butt clenching few days but DiskTec2011 worked like a charm. The HP version works on my 4330's Probook.


                  the FTP passwords are as listed in the origional links. The "test" ones...


                  You need access to Internet, CD burner to do this so phone a friend. You must do the BIOS changes as the BSOD thing is spot on. You also must have the backup key.



                  mcafee endpoint encryption fatal error:

                  detected too small fat32 partition



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                    Thanks alot Sucoon,


                    I managed to retrieve my data after many run arrounds and 2 weeks of searching. Solution worked like a charm. Too bad there is not enough information on the recovery from HP itself which is dissappointing.


                    cheers for sharing .

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