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    pePc has been corrupted (error 92h) - Problem with entrypting / decrypting



      and sorry my english isn't well.


      ok, to my problem:

      i have a HP 8760w with Windows7 64Bit. Some Weeks ago we activate HP protecting Tools and it works until yesterday. Than after a HP update and Restart the error " pePC has been corrupted (error 92h) " is show and the system doesn't boot.



      what i have done:

      i try to connect the harddisk by usb to an other Laptop with HP protecting Tools, but the laptop don't find the encrypted partion.


      Next after contact to HP Service i got a Guide (like the McAfee Guide "WinTech_and_SafeTech_Administration_Guide*) and the hp Wintec plugin for BartPE. After building a BartPE-Boot CD i get many bluescreens. so i change in the bios setup the Harddisk mode from apci to ide and it works.

      Than i got the daily access code for 16.04.2010 from HP Support. so i changed my bios date and get access to the Wintech/safetech software.

      following the description in the Guide i chose "Authenticate from HP Recovery File" from the saveboot menu and chose the file we made with the encription of my laptop same weeks ago.


      But safetech now tell, that my hp recovery file is invalid!

      if i try to mount my encrpted patition, than saftech tells that i doesn't use the right safetech client.


      i only know, that HP buy the software from McAfee and HP Service haven't much knowledge about the software. i also try to use the images from http://www.dpms2.com/tools without success.


      so are ther newer tools to decrypt my Windows 7 64bit partion? i have important data on the partion and need a save way to get them without data lost.



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