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    Enterprise 8.5i removal

      Hi: I am trying to remove Enterprise 8.5i from my computer and I have recently learned that the "remove" tool that is on the installer doesn't do a complete uninstall. I have searched the forums and found several references to a thread that gives manual removal instructions for Enterprise 8.5i. For some reason though, I'm unable to navigate to this thread. Whenever I click on the link, I'm redirected to here:


      Does anyone know why this happens? Is this a problem with my system (I assume so, otherwise everyone would be complaining about these links).

      Ultimately though, my bigger issue is getting Enterprise 8.5i uninstalled. Assuming I can't navigate to already existing threads, could someone reproduce the instructions in this thread for me? (Either that or give me a way to get to the existing instructions).
      Much appreciated.