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    Blue screens on Viruscan 8.7i

      Upgrading to 8.7i has thrown up a number of blue screens on scans running rootkit detection. Some can be fixed by BIOS\Driver upgrades but some not. Common culprits

      - LABVIEW 8.2 (apply patch)
      - Knowles Intellisonic speech software. Remove if not used. No known patch
      - Via technolgies various
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          Please report this issues to your corporate McAfee support person. (I'm guessing you have already...) They'll want to pass it along for the next patch.

          Hope this helps.

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            I have reported some of them, but McAfee rarely seem interested in such findings or the fact that everything was fine before the upgrade. The standard response seems to be to make sure all drivers etc are up to date - no help with finding the drivers or anything like that. To be honest, I have suffered 10 years of poor support from McAfee and I tire of trying to get them to do anything vaguely proactive in response to a support issue.
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              We had about 60 notebook crashed (BSOD) due to incompatibility with Checkpoint Firewall 1 vpn client
              We are reverting back to 8.5 patch 7 on notebooks
              Really a nightmare

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                Sounds like similar issues I've been having with McAfee with regards to support. We had an issue with Group Shield which they just wouldn't acknowledge was a bug. In the end I removed it from the server and purchased GFI for Exchange instead!

                We use McAfee for server and desktop AVP but to be honest I'm going to move over to Kaspersky in 2009. Fed up of poor support from these guys :mad: