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    Backing up anti-theft vaults (and files) in Windows 7

      I use the Windows back up utility in Windows 7 (64bit) to back up my files to an external hard drive. How can I be certain that my Anti-Theft Vaults and their contents are being backed up in a manner that will allow me to full restore them in the event of a hard drive failure? I see that the Anti-Theft application has a Help directory and does include directions on how to back up Vaults, but it was clearly written prior to Windows 7. I found a user manaul for McAfee Anti-Theft online but it was written in 2008 and pre-dates Windows 7. These documents refer to vault files called [Vault Name].vault which should be saved in C:\Documents and Settings\  but I cannot locate any such files.


      Can someone please advise what steps must be taken to ensure my Windows 7 backups are properly including my Anti-Theft vaults?


      Thank you