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    EEFF/EERM formatting a USB drive questions

      I have a couple of questions about EEFF/EERM. I am preparing a guide for my users so they know what to expect when connecting a USB media such as a backup drive into a machine that has EEFF and use EERM to format the media.  When a new USB media is connected the EEFF policy will detect it. It will prompt that if I want to encrypt it. If I answer "yes" it will move the files to a Temp folder on the computer and then initialize the drive (format it FAT32). When done it brings the files back into the backup. What happens if the copy process to the temp folder on the computer is cancel?  will the left over file that remains on the backup drive and it stop or will the backup drive get formatted ? My second questions, if the amount of data that need to be moved to the computer before the backup drive is formatted to FAT32 is larger than the capacity of the drive, would it prompt that it is not possible and to decide whether or not I need it?

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          1. During the backyp if user cancels the copy process, the remaining data will be in the temp folder itself and at the end of EERM initialization, it will ask whether to wipe the data or not. if selected "Yes" then data remaining in the temp folder will be wiped, else it will remain.

          2. Initilaiily the check for the available space for backup is not perfomred. As soon as the EERM initialization starts, it tries to take the back up.



          Naveen S Y