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    VirusScan 2012

      I got single user 2012 and attempted to install it on my Win XP computer. 2011 installed last year with no issues.

      When loading the CD, it failed saying I needed to reinstall msxml files. This is false as I have 2.0 and 6.0.

      I selected "ignore" and finished installing. It was a FALSE install as a few days later I found Virus Scan was completely off.

      I installed AVG free and found trojans in my Java files. Thank  you very much.........

      After completely uninstalling all McAfee from add/remove programs, I was able to do a normal install, with no issues.

      It appears that you must uninstall 2011 in order to install 2012.

      Now I have to keep an eye on this to make sure a week from now it is still running.

      McAfee: quit doing those software updates! Half the time you screw up something, like my internet speed (this year). That was a good one.

      I don't know why I stick with you guys. Maybe this is the last year.

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          XP - what service pack?


          It's still the 2011 product as 2012 hasn't even gone into beta testing yet.   Marketing relabel everything in the late summer, something that we support people aren't too thrilled with and we have complained.


          You will upgrade automatically when the time comes provided the subscription is current.


          Any problems contact Technical Support - it's free by phone or online chat, linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            SP3. If McAfee is selling 2011 as 2012 THAT IS FRAUD! Somebody is going sue them for this.

            They should refund my purchase.

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              It isn't fraud but we think it's bordering on deceptive advertising - however all the big A/V makers do it, Norton, Kaspersky etc.   As I said, we have complained bitterly about it, so far unsuccessfully.


              When you purchase the software - it's the license you purchase and that allows you to continue getting updates and upgrades (as in 2011 to 2012) whenever they apply.


              Refunds are easily obtained, just phone Customer Service linked under Useful Links above.






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                Nope! Kaspersky and Norton do that only and only when they have new product it has definitly new solutions, but the year isn't changed yet...