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    WFV*.tmp files


      There are MANY wfv*.tmp files in Temp folder of ePO clients and it seems all of them are in used.

      I have installed Engine 5300 again in addition of Patch 6 but it doesn't solve my problem.

      Any idea ???

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          Vinod R

          Infact that is the cause of the temp files..... Don't worry its normal (in fact great)

          This is due to the 5300 AV-Engine.

          The 5300 Anti-Virus (AV) Engine improves in-memory DAT file usage and overall scanner performance.

          New tmp files are created on the host system after upgrading to the 5300 AV-Engine. These are named WFV***.TMP files. Their location depends on the system and user temp folder definitions of the host Operating System.

          • When the hosting process ends normally (for example, McShield is stopped as part of an update or the On-Demand scan finishes) then the WFV***.TMP file is deleted.
          • If the hosting process ends abnormally (for example, if the McShield process or On-Demand Scan process is terminated) then the WFV***.TMP file will remain in the temp folder until the next time the process is reloaded. Then any orphaned copies are deleted and one new copy is created for the new scan process.
          For example:
          • McShield process is terminated. WFV***.TMP remains in c:\Windows\Temp
          • McShield process is restarted. The orphaned WFV***.TMP is deleted and a new copy is created.