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    Cleaning with Quickclean

      When I use this cleaning program from McAfee it removes a lot of files, so far so good. Only one registry can not be cleaned/removed by quickclean. The entry is: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT3\CLSID\{00165D9-44B1-4C7A-AD58-4A9E7200E2E8} does anyone know what the problem is or could be? With regards...

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          No idea what that CLSID contains, but if in doubt leave it alone. Keeping it won't hurt your PC but removing it might.

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            That removal could cause an idispatch error




            So leave it and the other reg settings mentioned safest path


            Reg cleaners can truely help your install and also trash the same install so be careful what is cleaned. Of course one would hope Mcafee's own cleaner is sensible with what it removes


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              That's an internal link Tony.  That said, leave registry entries alone.  The only time they need to be looked at is when there is a major problem and all else fails and then only under guidance.


              Quickclean is meant to augment the already existent Windows utilties, nothing more.


              I can vouch from my own and others' experience that using registry cleaners, optimizers or tune-up utilties will eventually cause the system and software to malfunction.  Quickclean used within it's normal parameters should not cause such problems.


              If you are running out of space on your hard drive, get a bigger one, or install another one or maybe add an external one.


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                Sorry too fast posting that. updated link now

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                  HI marceljni,


                  If it’s the root hive of any programs that runs in the background Quick clean would leave it alone so as your other programs doesn’t get impacted . I would suggest to clear temporary files  from your PC . Close all open programs and then try running a Quick clean to check if it still stays back.



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