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    VS 8.8 not scanning




      We have VS 8.8 with Patch 1 installed deployed via ePO on our network and we can't get a virus scan to run on most of our machines.


      If we right-click the agent icon then 'Scan computer for...' > Threats we get errors saying Scan32.exe is a bad image file. BUT not on all machines, and even on ones that have shown error, do not all the time.


      If we open virusScan console, highlight Full scan and click the 'play button', nothing happens.


      If we open Full scan settings and click start we keep getting a box popping up saying 'you changed scan settings do you want to save them' even when we havent. click yes to save and try and start it again, the same box pops up.


      Anybody come across this before?