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    Policy migrator switch /FORCE - VSE 8.7 -> 8.8



      We are about to move from 8.7 -> 8.8 and we also want to migrate the policys from 8.7 -> 8.8. My question is about the switch /FORCE, we have 8.5, 8.7 and now 8.8 checked in in our ePO, will we have to use the switch /FORCE 87 to only get the 8.7 policys?


      We are running the migrator tool that comes with the VSE 8.8 .zip package and my concern is that if we run it without the /FORCE switch we get all the policys from 8.5 AND 8.7 migrated to 8.8.


      Can someone shed some light over this switch and how this policy tools works?


      Thanks in advance