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        I've been having this problem for at least a couple of weeks.  Ran the technician twice, which said everything is fine.  Got online with customer support; they took control of my computer and removed three files, which they said might be causing the problem.  I was told to uninstall and reinstall McAfee if the problem continued.  The problem continued.  I uninstalled and then reinstalled.  It has not solved the problem.  It's irritating because often it freezes or shuts down my browser.

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          So I assume no HP cloud software or zumo backup software?


          Try disabling netguard this could help and will assist the techs figuring this out.


          Also U need to have IE installed and updated as Mcafee accessing IE to run.


          Please check what I asked and report back. This strange as  not seeing any errors on my non beta Machines or my family's Pcs

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            No HP cloud, no zumo.  I'm using a Dell.  I read where disabling Netguard could help and tried that yesterday.  It seems to have done the trick.  Now that you tell me IE has to be installed, I wonder if switching to Chrome as my default browser a couple weeks ago caused this to happen.  I don't remember it being an issue when I used IE.


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              In my case, I do not have any cloud software installed, no zuma back-up, no netguard, or any of that stuff. While I do not use IE as my default browser, I do freelance work as a web programmer, so I do have IE installed and updated in order to make sure that my web stuff works in all the major browsers. Other than updating my browswers and McAfee in recent weeks, nothing on my systems (I'm talking five different computers here) changed prior to getting the error message on a regular basis. I can't understand why McAfee has not heretofore worked on the assumption that the error may be on their end. I mean, people with different systems, different processors, and different software configurations have been reporting this problem, and as far as I can tell, the only common denominators are Windows and McAfee.

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                Lisa All you have to have is IE installed not having it as default is not a problem.

                gatemi If you are using Mcafee  you will have netguard it is part of it in the firewall settings unless... you have the 2010 version. Check is your security centre 10.5 or 11?


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                  As of this posting, my Security Center is version 11 and Virus Scan is version 15.


                  I admit, I didn't realize that netguard was a part of McAfee until Lisa pointed it out to me in another message thread. Still, turning off netguard, or any part of the McAfee package, seems to be an extreme measure to solve the recent Host Error issue. I'd rather that McAfee just figure out what's causing the problem and fix it.


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                    What I was implying was try it and report back that is info I can pass onto Mcafee. then reenable it

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                      Hi. I am using McAfee Total Protection.  How do I turn Netguard off?


                      I am getting the Service Host error several times a day now.  I am using a Dell, XP Home, and keep my programs up to date.  It happens when I use Firefox and when I use IE.


                      Also, can you tell me what McAfee Service Host does?  No one can provide me an answer.  Thanks.

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                        just check the updates and update letaset dat file and now do that

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                          Mcsvhost handles most of the programs included in Total Protection. It is an essential part of Mcfaee so any of the components can be causing it.

                          To disable Net Guard: compliments of answer7

                          1) Open McAfee Security Center

                          2) Click on "Web and Email Protection"

                          3) Click on "Firewall"

                          4) Click "Net Guard"

                          5) Uncheck the box beside "Turn on Net Guard"


                          Mahabub are you implying anything ie you think teh update has a fix it has not.Also the issue is 9%% caused by netguard I feel not viral

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