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    ePO SQL DB access requirements (required rights)


      Up until now, I had ePO on one box, and my own SQL 2005 server running just the ePO DB on another box, for which I had full and complete admin rights.


      I`ve been told to move the ePO DB to the SQL cluster, that is run by another group, which means I lose some control over the ePO DB.


      Now I don`t necessarily have an issue with that...I`m not an SQL expert, i`m not trained in SQL best practices and they have the resourcers to test DB integrity, backup and restores, etc...


      Where I AM concerned, is that some of the EPO docs state that I need full access to the DB. What I was told by my SQL team is that this is often more access than I actually need, and thus am getting more limited rights, and they said this cna be adjusted afterwards.


      Now we have 1 epo server, with 2 agent handlers, NSM (Intrushield) and MVM (Foundstone), and they all do DB sync`s nightly, plus I check in software for eval and pilot deployment and such..


      So what level of access do I actually need to the DB for me to be able to do all the stuff I normally do, and if anyone else is in this situation, what challenges did you have to overcome and are there any "gotchas" to this kind of setup?