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    Mcafee VSE 8.8 P1 (No Progress bar) during system scans


      First of all, when performing scans, there is no progress bar on the scanning window.

      I start my scans by going to the Virus Console and by Right-Clicking FULL SCAN and then START.

      Because in version 8.7i,  it always had this blue progress bar during the scan.



      Secondly, I think people should still stick to v8.7i as there are major flaws in 8.8 already....


      I am now testing it on my notebook. 


      First issue was of course, no progress bar like there was in version 8.7i


      So I URGE all of you on here to wait a while. Version 8.8 is still new and has issues. 


      Whats  the rush??



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