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    Running EPO in an offline network



      I've never worked with EPO or any of the McAfee suite before so excuse my ignorance on this.....


      I am installing EPO and Virus Scan in an offline network - that is to say it is not connected to the internet and cannot ever be.


      Are there any guides out there to help with this? Some kind of PDF would be great, failing that any hints or tips. The main things I need to do are:


      - Download the product catalouge and transfer it to the offline EPO system somehow


      - Download any other files that will allow me to create policy's etc


      - Download virus update files and then transfer them to our offline EPO system so clients get central updates.


      I have managed to work out how to import McAfee software (ie VirusScan enterprise) and this is now showing up, but I can't seem to get much further without downloading a product catalog?


      Any help would be great, this has the potential to replace a load of products on quite a few of our offline networks so I'm interested to get this working.