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    Unable to activate Total Protection 2011



      I have the same problem but can't resolve it using the steps outlined.  Let me first described my situation.  I am using Win 7 Ultimate 64.  I had Total Protection subscription that was about to expire.  A friend bought me a Total Protection 2012 CD.  So I install the new subscription from the CD instead of renewing online.  Here are the step I went through:

      1. Deactivate my current subscription online (only couple days left till expiration)

      2. Run MCPR.exe to uninstall Total Protection

      3. Restart Windows

      4. Install new Total Protection from CD

      5. Activate - However here's where it's stuck:  the activation window is churning forever.  And there is noway to close this window either!!!



      I retried all steps with Custom Install with Anti-Spam only like Prakash's instructions to no avail.  It is getting very frustrating.


      If you have a solution for this please help.


      Thank you.




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