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    Mcafee update slows down computer



      Had a Mcafee update about 6 days ago n had to reboot comp for it to work. Since then everyday i turn on computer, Mcafee is installing updates. Didnt happen B4. Takes about half-an-hour to complete everytime n eats up all the RAM, so i cannot get anything done. Called Mcafee today n was told I needed to upgrade my RAM ! I have used Mcafee for over 4 years n never had this problem before. I asked them if it is because Mcafee has now got bigger system files. Didnt get an answer. I am using Windows XP n my ram is 512MB. Maybe I shld re-instal Mcafee all over again. Cld someone advise. Really frustrating. Half-a-mind to switch to something else that protects my computer n wont give me grieve. List of issues :-


      1. Last 5 to 6 days, mcafee instals updates everytime i turn on computer. takes 1/2 hour to complete n uses up all the ram. never happen B4.

      2. 3 days ago, persistent error msg that McsvHost.exe file had to shut down. But Windows Task Mgr shows that it is still running.

      3. once when shutting down computer, error msg flashed that Mcsvhost or Mccore/somthg like that had failure to reference memory ???????.

      4. last nite when working on computer, out of the blues, mfevtps.exe starting gobbling up tons of RAM. Lasted 20mins n couldnt get anything done. In the end gave up n turned off computer.


      Hope someone can advise..help ? Tx.