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    How to use CLI Options for Task Deployment in ePO

      Hey guys,

      I'm currently trying to deploy an installation task for the Data Loss Prevention product through our ePO server. I see that there is an option to use command line in the deployment of DLP, but how exactly do I use it? I'm trying to make it so that after the installation, it will automatically restart the computer rather than prompt the user.

      I've googled around and it seems that the DLP is installed through files called DLPAgentInstall.msi and DLPAgentInstall.exe. I believe there is a /forcereboot command but how exactly do I get it to automatically reboot after install?

      FYI, I've clicked on the "..." after beside the task and that gave me the CL options window. Any help would be appreciated.

      This is the view i am getting: