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    QUARANTINE  file of 1.7 GB





      I am using VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i.  After a serious crash of my computer I did a FullScan of my 3 HDD.  It took 58 hours and59 files are found.  After the scan wascompleted I found 20 files in QUARENTINE folder with total size of 6.85 GB.


      The scan took extremely long time going through my recentbackup, where majority of files are found. I regularly scan my files and I know that it is impossible to have thatamount of bad stuff on my computer.


      I am afraid that same important files are removed from mycomputer.


      Q:      Why are the files in QUARENTINE folder so big(0.2 to 1.7 GB) and how these files (*.bup) can be open to see what has beenremoved?


      Many Thanks,



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          Could be backups or video files...

          You can open the .bup files with the quarantine manager. Just go into Quarantine Manager Policy, click the manager tab and you'll get more information there.



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            Thanks very much for your reply.  I have learnt a lot from your advice.


            I checked all these files and it appears that they come inpairs:  One small size (few MB’s) *.exe file - previously stored on HDD, and one very large size *.zip backup file. 


            It looks that these *.zip files, which probably contain several compressed files – I could not checked this unless I start messing with the backup, are deleted (quarantined) only because one (“bad”) *.exe file.  If that is the case, I will just do a new backup and the next time I won't include backup in scan.


            Thanks again.