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    How to undo granting access

      I inadvertently clicked "disallow" when a pop up window appeared for granting access.  How do I undo this action?  thanks

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          Please follow the given instructions to allow the blocked application from the security center.


          1. Login to www.mcafeesaas.com using your login credentials.


          2. Click on policies tab.


          3. Select the add  policy.


          4. Click on firewall protection.


          5. Select administrator configures firewall.


          6. Click Allowed Internet Applications tab


          7. Allow what are all the files you want to use by clicking on allow on the right hand side.


          Note:everything will be allowed by clicking on Allow all.


          8. Click on save.


          9. Assign that policy to your computers.


          10. close that window.


          11. Right click on the M-icon and run a manual update.



          Ravi Shankar. R