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    mcshield.exe performance issues-page faults-WDDMService

      When WDDMService is running it appears that mcshield.exe runs excessively. 

      I have notice the page faults go into the millions.  Mem Usage is 41,152K.  Has

      anyone else noticed this?  I stopped the services WDDMService and WDFMEService,

      but I restart them when I need to use My Passport Essentaial. 


      Is there any suggestions for lower the page faults for mcshield.exe?




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          I realize it has been a while since you posted, but mymcshield consumes over 200,000k of Virtual Memory when I start my computer up and then sits at around 195,000k of virtual Memory the rest of the time. I have WDDMService running as well, which consumes about 76,000k of Virtual Memory. I use an old system with only 1GB of RAM so this serverely hampers my computer's performance.


          I had not made a connection between mcshield and WDDMService, as a friend, who is also having mcshield Virtual Memory consumption issues is not using WDDMService.


          Have you solved your mcshield/WDDMService issue?

          Did you find a way of disabling WDDService until you need it? I've tried disabling it via msconfig but it reinstalls itself at each startup.




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            I also have the same case where mcshield.exe runs in 40-50k memory usage. Were you able to fix this problem?

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              Hi tripodzid




              I did get a reply from a McAfee representative. It is normal for McAfee to consume vast amounts of memory when Mcshield is running. In fact, on my old computer, when McAfee ran a scan, 100% of my CPU was used and my fan made a terrible racket. The solution suggested to me was to get more RAM.


              I have bought a new computer with 8 GB RAM, upgradable to 16 GB, and McShield runs quietly in the background as advertised.


              They are able to claim McAfee runs quietly in the backgraound and does not consume a heavy amount of memory resources  because the "average" computer is around 2 years old and has at least 2 GB RAM. This was not the case for my computer.


              If you have an old computer and don't want to change it yet, but still be virus protected, you can use Microsoft Security Essentials or some other "lighter" security software. Be careful though. There is a reason the free software is lighter. I use  Microsoft Security Essentials on my netbook because it doesn't have much memory. I have never had a problem with viruses, and it is free.




              Good luck.