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    Upgrading from VSE 8.8 to sp1

      Hi - I have downloaded and installed sp1 for VSE 8.8 into my Virus Scan Enterprse extensions (it shows up as version - I create  a ne task on a singe system to deploy sp1 - in the task I select only the package type "virusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 and set it to run.

      The client in question seems to find and deploy the task ok - however the client is still showing up as version8.8.0 ( installed patches - none


      What am I missing - apologies but I am new to this - I am running epo 4.5 and delpoying to a windows 7 client.

      Any help wouldbe gratefuly received!!

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          You need to go the master repository and check in the VSE880P1.zip package.  Then go to the extensions and check in both VIRUSSCAN8800(191) and VIRUSSCANREPORTS120(136).zip.  Then, make sure your McAfee Agent -> General policy for the system to upgrade has the correct branch selected for "Patches and service packs".  Then, create a McAfee Agent Product Update Task (not a Product Deployment Task) and make sure "VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0" is selected in the "Package types:" section.  Finally, assign the task to the system(s) you want to update.

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            Also, make sure you aren't trying to deploy the full repost as an upgrade.