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    What to download?

      I have purchased McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite.  When I enter my grant number I am taken to a download page with multiple files (more than 20).  Since I am new to McAfee I don't know which to download.  None have familiar names and none specify McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite.  The product data sheet is not helpful.  What should I download and why?


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          I assume you are supporting an organization or company?  At the very least you should be downloading and installing ePO and VirusScan.  ePO is the main product for managing VirusScan along with a host of other security products that you can deploy.  I'd suggest you contact your McAfee Sales Rep and have him/her give you a presentation on what you bought and what you should deploy in your environment.


          In fact they should have done that.already.  If they have not then they certainly should do so.  They have access to Sales Engineers that can help you as well.

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            Thanks.  I guess then ePO is manager/interface.  VirusScan is the main scanning file.  Are there other malware scanning files.  Email is not an issue.  Is there a software guide for the features of all files or do I have to look them up separately?

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              ePO Manages all the McAfee Security Products including VirusScan.  Each product download has installation and products guides.  Setting up ePO is not a trivial matter.  You really need to get your Sales Rep/Sales Engineer involved so they can show you how best to setup, configure, and deploy the product in your environment.


              McAfee also has Video Tutorials thay you can use to see how to perform specific tasks.  Also you can create an account on the Global Solutions Lab and work with the products in a test environment.


              McAfee Tutorials



              Global Solutions Lab