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    Recommended on-access settings



      In an ideal world, files are being scanned when reading AND writing from and to disk. However, for years we had only enabled one of both. Next to that, not all virusscanner vendors think the same if asked which one of both to disable if that would be needed. So I was wondering what are the arguments to enable scanning when reading from disk and what are those when writing to disk? What are the dangers when one of both is disabled?

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          This is a very wide topic, in essence I would summarize it this way. You have to balance security (risk of being infected) vs. perceived performance gain. Disabling either (read/write) will punch a whole in your line of defense. Everything should be scanned always, no exceptions. VSE provides you with the flexibilty of 3 scanning profiles (High/Low and Default) which can be used to adapt the product to your needs. For the low risk profile you may want to disable scan on write, I would always recommend to scan on read as a minimum.