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    McScript_InUse & high disk I/O (read bytes)


      At the moment we are investigating a problem some of our users have with the performance of their pc's.
      When we look at Task Manger we see the process McScript_InUse.exe generating high disk I/O (read bytes), sometimes even above 1Gig. I thought that the only thing McScript_InUse does is updating the DAT's.
      At the same time we do not notice any increase of cpu usage. We do see high mem usage (a lot of times users have a lot of iexplore sessions open (IE6); they use a lot of Web Applications. Unfortunattely we cannot upgrade to IE 7 at the moment, one of the apps doesn't work with IE 7.
      When the above occurs, the pc seems to freeze.

      We use VSE 8.0i (patch 15) & scan engine 5300.

      Could anyone explain the McScript_InUse high disk I/O?


      The Netherlands
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          Hi Mario and others,

          We have the same problem.
          We are using VSE8.0i patch16.
          Engine 5200 ePO Agent 3.6.0574

          When mem usage on clients is high and it nears up to about 1.5-times fysical AND an update-task is triggered by the ePO client the system totale freezes up for 10-30 minutes. When we look at the Agent-logs the slowlness starts when the agent reports that the update is finished. 10-30 minutes after that the system is usable again.

          I believe that the update is somehow using lots of mem. This triggers agressif memory paging which triggers heavy disk I/O. The heavy disk I/O blocks the whole system. The CPU usage decreases almost to nill.

          We allready reported this as a case at McAfee. But no solution yet.

          We tried allready:
          - upgrade ePO Agent to version 4 => No improvements.
          - change all kinds of McAfee settings => No impovements
          - Use different engines 5200/5300 => no improvements.

          Upgrading IE to version 7 will not help. We are using IE7.
          You noticed heavy disk I/O. I noticed the same thing. Pages/sec was very high also.

          IF you find a solution please let me know.
          Could you get in contact with me. This could speed up things.

          Jacques Denissen. (jden@oce.nl)
          The Netherlands
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            have you tried the same systems with VSE 8.5 patch 6?
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              Haven't tried yet with VSE 8.5i (patch 6), will try later.

              We are now testing with a registry key (https://knowledge.mcafee.com/article/88/616575_f.SAL_Public.html)

              thanks for sharing this with me Jacques.


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                After testing with CMA Agent and VSE 8.5i (patch 6) we notice a huge decrease in memory usage of different running processes (for example Outlook.exe goes from 260MB to 100MB memory usage). Overall performance is increasing at that time.

                Kind regards,

                Mario Willart