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    Manual replication query - How can I ensure that replication is successful when not controlled by ePO?




      We have a requirement of transferring repository files from a distributed repository to another server via a secure transfer method.  This other server is to act as a source site for another instance of ePO that is not allowed any internet access.  Although it sounds relatively simple, I need to ensure that nothing bad happens from partially successful transfers - ie if the pkgcatalog file is transferred, but there is a problem transferring other files, then the remote ePO server would think that there were updates, but the updates would not be there.  Obviously we would schedule the pulls at sensible times ie:


      1) File replication from local ePO repository to remote server (acting as source site) @ 01:00

      2) remote ePO repository pull from source site (remote server) @ 04:00


      From whatever file transfer method we use, it would be likely that we would rollback the transfer if any part did not succeed, however *just in case* this goes wrong, what would be the worst case scenario (ie if ePO pulls a corrupt DAT file from the remote source site server due to the pkgcatalog.z file advising that the source site was all up to date?)


      Apologies if this is as clear as mud :-) Let me know if any further clarification is required.  I will get round to labbing this at some point :-)


      thanks in advance,