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    blocked sites

      hello all,


      i have a question about blocked programs.

      i have always listened to the BBC online and suddely Mcaffe setup warning that an unsafe program was trying to open.

      when i clicked the window to shut it  i lost my connection to the media player for the BBC.

      and now cannot find how to unblock this program - i can get on the BBC website but  i am not longer able to open the listening link.

      does any one know anything about this?

      thanks in advance.



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          Hi maria,


          Please check if you have your web browser given full access under program permission , & if the BBC programs uses any application, also check its permission under the list here;


          1. Double-click the M icon in your taskbar.
          2. Select the Web and Email Protection drawer.
          3. Click the Firewall Link.
          4. Select the Program Permissions drawer.

            NOTE: 2011 customers will open the Internet Connections for Programs drawer.
          5. Scroll to the bottom and check if you have IE and any applications for BBC (If its there) given full Access. Yuu can also check the access  for any media players from this location
          6. If not , click on  the Add button
          7. Click Browse and locate the file you want to add.
          8. Click the application to highlight it and select Open.
          9. Set the access type you want using the provided options in the Access drop down menu.
          10. Click Save.
          11. Close SecurityCenter.



          Then check the status of the connection to your media player