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    Unmanaged through VPN connection



      Here is my problem :


      We configured ePo for our company and for differents domains of our company, but recently we decided to deploy VPN for mate's personnal computers and by the way to deploy McAfee Agent on it for more security.


      To installit ,  I downloaded the package from ePo and setuped it on Workmate personnal computer . It work fine execpt some things :

      I can't collect and send prop and the system isn't managed ( unmanaged ) on my ePo system tree, wich means i totally can't update agent from my ePo or do On demand scan or tasks from ePolicy.


      The system is pinged by ePo ( I opened firewall ports ) the system running Windows 7 Home edition .


      It's quite important for my company to have this system ( and future system will use VPN ) to be managed on ePo.

      The thing is, we want to find a solution by not connecting personnal computers on our LAN or Domain ( because of obvious security rules ) .



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