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    error code EE0F001 - Token autentication parameters are incorrect

      Hi, I'm a bit worried for the content in my computer.

      I have a HP 8460p, Win 7, 64bit. I used the preloaded McAfee Endpoint Encryption tool to encrypt my harddrive when I unpacked, and started to use my new computer march this year.

      And everyting has been working OK until now.


      When the computer starts up, bios start up is OK. then the Drive encryption for HP ProtectTools (Mcafee) dialog box shows up.

      I choos my ID, and enter my password (and I am 110% sure my password is correct),

      McAfee EndpointEncryption retuns error code EE0F001 - Token autentication parameters are incorrect.

      If i try to type a password that I know is not correct it replys with error code EE0F0014 - Incorrect Password Entered


      I have tryed to use the recovery function, an selcting eiter of the tree XML files dosen't work (SPEmRecToken.xml, SPPwdResetToken.xml, SPSystemBackup.xml)


      I have reported the error code to HP Support and been waiting, and calling them several times for abaout a week without any sucess.


      Is there any way to get access to the HDD? Anyone that knows?