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    Can Virusscan Enterprise be installed on D Drive ?


      Let me explain to you my Basic Aim . I want double Security . Meaning , I want to keep Deep Freeze as well as have a good Anti Virus Program on my p.c. However , the complication created is that since I have Deep Freeze installed on the C Drive , all the Virus Definition Updates , Quarantined Files & Log entries during a session are lost every time the p.c. is switched off & then back on .


      So ,I have 3 choices .


      1) Either I install the anti Virus Program on a Drive other than the C Drive .


      2) Alternatively , another solution for me would also be to have a antivirus like Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5  installed on the C Drive but configure it in such  a way that the Quarantine Folder , Log Files Folder & Virus Definitions Database Folders are in a Drive other than the C Drive . How can I reconfigure Virus Enterprise  in this way ? In case  , it's really not possible to configure Virus Scan Enterprise in this way , is there any other mcafee product which can be configured this way?


      3) Final solution would be to write some code which automatically backs up these folders to a drive other than the C Drive every time I switch off my p.c. or at periodic intervals  . How to write & execute such a code ?


      Any Ideas ??