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    EEPC 5.2.3 removal stopped with hard reboot, asking for help

      Dear community,


      we have a problematic notebook / Harddrive (1 encrypted partition only) on Dell Latitude E6400 with McAfee EEPC v.5.2.3 that suddenly freezed in Windows, during "EEPC removal" process, started via

      McAfee Manager.

      This occured not directly on beginning , but in middle of decryption phase.

      After this, the machine does still have Pre-Boot Client installed, but it hungs up "freeze", on windows logon screen.  Doesn't matter if we boot  windows normal, or with recovery options .


      So what we have now is, a suitable Safetech USB Drive, a .sdb File for this machine  and a Screenshot of "Crypt List". (see attached)

      As I understand this cryptlist,  there's not whole drive encrypted any more, since start sector is not 63 any more?












































      When we try to force decrypt  remaining sectors from 4186305 with sector count 484205760 , we run immediately in error message: Encryption Failue: 0xe0020007 (see attached)


      This error 0xe0020007 means;  Error reading disk sector ???

      If we try to decrypt some sectors in this range  in Workspace (for testing purpose only) notebook crashes and reboots again.

      What other options do we have?


      Is this harddrive definitely scrap?


      Thank you for any help.