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    MWG 6.8.7 - email notification when virus is detected




      is it possible to add further information to the email notification which is send when MWG detects a virus (see example email below)?


      I would like to see the IP of the client (src_ip) and the authenticated user (auth_user).


      Any ideas?


      Best regards.



      Example email:


      Virenalarm von McAfee Web Gateway ausgelöst!

      Der Zugang zu dieser Datei wurde geblockt, oder der von einem Virus befallene Teil wurde aus der E-Mail oder der angeforderten Datei entfernt.

      Virus:       McAfeeGW: EICAR test file

      Inhaltstyp:  application/octet-stream

      HTTP & FTP

        URL:       http://www.eicar.org/download/eicar.com


        Absender:  [empty]

        Empfänger: [empty]

        Thema:     [empty]

      Meldung erstellt am 24/Nov/2011:07:02:01 +0100 von webgateway1.company.tld (McAfee Web Gateway 6.8.7 Build 8378 - [3])


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          yes, you can certainly do this.


          You can either modify the existing email notification body or you can create a new one. For the latter approach you would need to define a new action in the action editor (start to duplicate your current "Block infected and notify" action and then modify the notifcation option).

          If you want to use the quicker way to modify the existing template, locate the files named "emailvirusnotification.txt" in the conf/errors/ directories of your installation. In your case you seem to want to modify also the German version of the file which is the in "de" subfolder.


          When you modify the existing or create a new email message template, use the parameter codes for the values you like to add. You find a list of parameters in chapter 5 of the Reference Guide.

          In your example it will be "%i" for the client IP and "%A" for the authenticated user name.


          Best regards


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            Hello Martin,


            thanks for quick reply.


            We modified the file "emailvirusnotification.txt" and the problem is solved.


            Best regads.