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    how often updates

      I am not a computer  savvy person so please when you respond to my question, use laymans terms. It seems everytime I turn my computer on,  I get the little green circle that says"scanning for updates""checking for updates", downloading updates". How many times a week should my computer be doing the "updates"? I get so frustrated because it  s l o w s my computer down. I am about ready to throw it out the window. Any advice? Thanks

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          What version of Mcafee? 2010 (Security centre 10.5 or so) and 2011 (Sc 11) check for updates every 4 hrs. It usually never falls on when you boot/login the older version used to this but this 1 is designed not to do that as far as I know.


          What are your Pc specs? ie OS and service pack, Ram and Cpu.

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            Hi impaula1951,


            There are three basic types of updates:

            • DAT updates are the most common update, and are usually updated at least once a day.
            • Minor application updates are used to resolve issues and/or compatibility problems.
            • New versions are the least frequent, and included enhancements and/or changes to the applications.


            Updates are used to:

            • Keep DAT files current with new malware added to the detection lists.
            • Keep applications up-to-date to prevent compatibility issues between operating system updates and third-party applications, and to resolve functional issues.
            • Install new releases, which are used to update features, add new functionality, and increase the ease of use.


            Additionally, SecurityCenter checks for updates shortly after a system restart, and checks again approximately every four hours. In the event of an outbreak, emergency DAT files could be made available providing the latest virus DATs as shortly after they are posted to minimize the risk of infection.


            So, the next time your security center check for updates, allow it to complete and keep in mind that they are essential for PC’s security . Hope the above answers your question .