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    ESD shows all rogues as no agent instead of alien agent

      HI. I have some trouble with RSD.



      I have two EPOS (both 4.5.4 HF1). I have a client system reporting to one EPO. MA version is 4.5 patch3. Agent policy is set to NOT accept concections only from this EPO server.



      I have another client system reporting to the other EPO (MA 4.5 patch3 as well).Rogue sensor has been installed on this system. In it's corresponding EPO  I can see the other client system as a rogue but in rogue state it shows no agent. Think the problem is that the EPO where RSD is installed is unable to query the agent.



      We are seeing all rogues as no agent (though this is not correct).



      Anyone facing this issue? Is there any solution for this or is it a bug?