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    Who is affected by VSE 8.8 P1 ??


      Important : McAfee Patch Alert for Safend Partners

      What happened ?

      McAfee have released recently a patch to their Virus Scan  8.8  version. This patch , also known as patch 1(build was detected by some of our customers as affecting the Safend Encryptor Product in a way that prevents users from accessing their encrypted data. Following Safend’s R&D team analysis, we believe there is an issue with this patch that changes the Operating System settings in a way that prevents the Safend Encryptor File System Driver and likely additional software from functioning properly.


      Who is affected ?

      The McAfee problematic patch only affects access to data encrypted by Safend Encryptor (internal drives) . This patch does not affect Safend Protector, does not affect Safend Protector Removable Media Encryption and does not affect Safend Inspector. Also, no users of other McAfee AV versions are affected.


      Furthermore, the effect is temporary and no files are damaged. Access is restored by following one of the following paths: 


      How to solve the problem ?The best way is NOT to apply this patch until McAfee fixes the problem and issues clarifications and/or a new patch.

      If you have already applied the patch, it is recommended to roll back to last known good state wherever possible.


      If you have applied this patch to a significant number of endpoints and cannot roll back,

      Safend’s R&D team has managed to find a workaround that will revert the OS to its original state by changing some registry entries. Please contact support@safend.com for additional information.


      Information on this McAfee patch can be found at : https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=PD23408

      A technical solution will be added by our support to our Knowledge Base.

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          Is there a solution yet?  We have the problem with Credant's encryption software.

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            same issue here with safe end

            opened another thread about it ....

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              I know this thread is old, however figured I would add in that 8.7 Patch 5 has the same effect.  We never fully rolled up to 8.8 just because of the issue with Patch 1 (found out the hard way)  rolled back to 8.7 Patch 4 and all was good... well recently we upgraded to 8.7 Patch 5 and the same exact problem re-surfaced.  So essentially I am stuck at 8.7 Patch 4... I suppose we could go to 8.8 without patch 1, but my agency is not willing to chance it.  McAfee said their changes that interfere with Credant were made to comply with Microsoft's OS changes, Credant refuses to make adjustments to their product so we are phasing out Credant and moving to another product that will function properly with vse 8.8