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    VSE 8.8 P1 installed + Hotfix HF625756 = New Problems



      I have deployed Patch 1 for VSE 8.8 and Hotfix HF625756 to resolve the issue with the event log warnings ID 516 about VSTSKMGR.EXE. Now there is a new error, a pop up window, which says  that C:\winnt\system32\msi.dll is not a valid Windows File. Thats really bad, because the HF should be a solution/workaround for the event 516, which could be caused by MSI. There are no warnings for VSTSKMGR.exe anymore, but a new error about MSI. The warnings were only in the event log but now it's a pop up window, which annoys the user and the helpdesk.

      We have removed the hotfix from the Master-Repository, but it's installed already on many clients.


      What's the solution now? I can't do an uninstall manually on every client. An ePO based remove task should uninstall the hotfix.