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    VirusScan 8.5i \ AntiSpyware \ AntiVirus 2009

      Does anyone know if VirusScan 8.5i with the AntiSpyware module installed is supposed to detect\prevent AntiVirus 2009 from infecting a machine, or do we still need to use MBAM?

      I have installed 8.5i with the Antispyware module, however, it seems as though the AntiVirus 2009 malware still gets through.

      Is there perhaps an extra setting that is required for it to stop this particular threat?

      It seems wrong to have to rely on Malwarebytes product to protect against AntiVirus 2009 so I hope I just have some settings that are incorrect (using the default settings).

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          It's not working here either. We're running fully updated VS 8.0i and 8.5i versions.

          I've cleaned two or three machines this week with Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware. It took both of them to remove some of the combinations of "Fake Alert" security warnings and Antivirus 2008/2009.

          In our situation, we disabled the use of Internet Explorer for the limited users and installed Firefox.. No problems thereafter....at least, so far.

          Hope this helps.

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            same thing here...i am still trying to find a benifit of the antispyware app and have yet to find one
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              Well, I find that NO PROGRAM detects everything, every time.. The McAFee Antispyware module has protected our machines against certain types of common spyware but unfortunately, the ever changing nature of Antispyware 2008/2009 and the various Fake Alert variants is causing a problem for all of them. I've had enough chances to remove variants lately that I've found issues with Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware as well. One day, Malwarebytes finds everything. The next day, it doesn't and I need to use a second tool.. At times, I've run a full system scan with Mcafee, then Spybot Search & Destroy, then Malwarebytes, then SuperAntispyware, then the older AVG Antispyware program and they all find something a little different than the previous scanner.

              We've even tried other programs like Webroot's Spysweeper and it's not perfect either, plus installing it along with McAfee makes the cost of protecting the machine too expensive.

              There is no magic bullet which finds everything, all the time.

              Hope this helps.

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                We have had some luck with the combination of VSE 8.5 patch 5, Engine 5300, and Anti-Spyware module in combating some versions of AntiVirus2009. It appears that this Malware Crime has multiple versions and morphs on a regular basis. Some versions McAfee can clean, while others it can not. In some cases, a revised DAT has taken care of it.

                In any case, ANTIVIRUS2009 is the worst piece of malware crap I have ever seen. It's a shame that there is nothing we can do except to keep fighting it. I wish we can find the creator and ...........

                Have a great day!!!!
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                  I agree. Antivirus 2009 is the worst thing I have ever seen as well. What is equally disturbing though, is that it is still causing such a huge problem for VirusScan 8.5i with the Anti-Spyware module installed. I would think that it should be resolved by now. I have been surprised how long it is taking for Vscan to catch up to this threat and having to rely on MBAM and other software is getting very old considering what I am paying for the Mcafee suite of products.

                  There must be something we can do, as Epolicy\VirusScan loaded with the AntiSpy module is not a cheap product. I would expect much more from it and it really seems like Mcafee should be addressing it more, and from the many posts I have received already on the topic, I must not be the only one who is questioning their Vscan\AntiSpyware module settings, etc.

                  Has anyone had luck with 8.7i loaded with anti spyware module detecting\preventing this threat from getting on desktops? Has anyone called in a ticket for this issue? I am considering it this week if nobody has yet.
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                    We have Mcafee Virusscan 8.5i and the Antispyware module here at my work. We experience the same issues with this malware. We definitely have to use other tools like SuperAntispyware to get rid of it. I'm glad we're not only ones exhibiting this problem with Mcafee.
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                      I wonder if we may be the first ones to open a case for it or not. I was hoping someone on this forum may have already done so but I'm not certain. With as many people that get hit by AntiVirus 2009. I would think Mcafee would have some sort of solution. If I open a case I'll be sure to report the results here.

                      I was hoping that just turning on certain options would do the trick but it is really starting to look like the Mcafee AntiSpyware module just does not handle this threat yet. I'm hoping someone can prove this to be not true.

                      What I don't understand is how the companies who make AntiVirus 2009 are not being sued by now. I thought a law passed a few months ago that was targeting companies like the Antivirus 2009 one.
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                        We've had numerous complaints from our users about the popups being out of control as a result of this Antivirus 2009. We have all options turned on in the McAfee VSE 8.5i to no avail, and the newest DAT and newest engine.
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                          Our group policy settings are very tight and my McAfee 8.5 with Antispyware protection does not get infected by this variant or others (so far so good).

                          I use the recommended settings from DISA to lock down my McAfee policy http://iase.disa.mil/stigs/stig/Desktop-Applications-STIG-V3R1.pdf

                          For our Group Policy we use the NIST FDCC Group Policies to keep our users locked down.

                          I won't go into detail as to what FDCC entails, but I will say it's a bear to test and apply the GPO settings. By bear I mean it will consume a lot of your time but in the end it's worth it to lock your machines down.

                          Antivirus alone is not a single solution to prevent malware infections. Your security policies in group policy in my point of view are somewhat stronger than anti-virus.

                          I would never depend upon AV solutions alone to stop malware, etc...
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